You have to trust yourself to deal with anxiety

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You have to trust yourself to deal with anxiety

One of the greatest misconceptions about anxiety disorder therapy is that the patient undergoing this treatment is regarded as mentally handicapped. Perhaps that’s why you might shy away from such therapy. But realize that anxiety disorder is like any other normal ailment. It is treatable! Agreed there is no definitive cure for this disorder as each individual is different and will be susceptible to results only to a particular set of treatments. Everything begins with you taking charge of your life.

Anxiety disorder is a costly affair:

The amount of loss incurred by the UK every year due to anxiety and related depression disorders is quite staggering. As per a recent survey, the downtime of employees, medication cost and loss of productivity along with no of people suffering from it have been taken into account. The total loss incurred by the economy in England alone is 2 billion Pounds sterling.

The elusive cure:

Don’t let the above figures cause you to panic. Help is just 12around the corner. Anxiety therapist Sheffield city, have gathered years of experience in this field. The best part is in the last 15 years; a whole spectrum of treatments is available for patients to choose from. Some of the popular and most effective treatments include:

  • Applied Relaxation Therapy: When you are worried, your muscles tense up in reaction. ART helps to relax your muscles to reduce the visible effects of anxiety.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Primarily a talk based therapy, this treatment involves allowing you to speak out your thoughts and beliefs. This helps to establish a thought cycle that causes you the anxiety. Identification of this cycle is the key to this therapy.
  • Psychotherapy is a union of both CBT and medication. Medication depending upon the severity of the disorder may consist of antidepressants, beta blockers, Pregabalin, and other prescription drugs

It is best to consult your doctor for the most effective form of treatment.

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