Top 7 Reasons to Find an Experienced HVAC Company in Austin, TX

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Top 7 Reasons to Find an Experienced HVAC Company in Austin, TX

Having a functional air conditioner is vital. Most homeowners spent thousands of dollars getting one installed. Unfortunately, most of them forget about repairs and maintenance. Often, it’s hard to determine whether your air conditioner needs repair. Some homeowners take long to contact an HVAC company in AustinTX resulting in massive financial costs. With a little attention, you can save yourself from such experiences. How?

Rattle Sound

Typically, a faulty AC unit produces a rattle sound. Also, faulty ACs turns on an off abruptly even when there is a steady power supply. Such occurrences indicate that your system is almost breaking down.

Yellow Furnace Flame

A damaged furnace produces a yellow flame with high quantities of carbon monoxide which can adversely affect your health. Once you notice flame color change, consider replacing your cooling and heating units.

Dusty Air

If dirt clogs air filters of your HVAC system, your indoor air quality is significantly lowered. The hair you and your loved ones breathe contains high dust concentration. Repair your air conditioner by replacing its filters. If after sealing its ducts air quality doesn’t improve, your HVAC equipment might have a malfunction, it’s time to bring the big guns.

Warm Air

A new air conditioner’s performance decreases after a while, especially if you don’t perform routine maintenance. Its vents start releasing warm air, a sign that the system needs urgent repair. For instance, a faulty compressor causes the system to release warm air.

Inconsistent Air Flow

A failing AC compressor may cause poor airflow. If ductwork is faulty, some parts of your home may have cold air while others have warm air. Over time, debris accumulates and clogs your air conditioner vents. Besides hindering smooth airflow, it poses a health risk to you and your family. Thoroughly clean system ducts to enhance proper airflow.

High Moisture Content

Leakage or moisture near an AC unit can be due to refrigerant and water leaks. A refrigerant leak is a serious health threat that you need to address urgently. Water pools close to your HVAC shows that the system’s drain tube is broken or blocked. High moisture create an ideal environment for mold growth.

Unpleasant Odors

When an AC unit insulation burns out, it discharges foul smells. Musty odor indicates there is mold inside its ductwork. It’s vital to perform routine AC routine maintenance to boost its performance and extend its lifespan.

New AC units have manufacturer warranty that covers repair expenses. It’s prudent to fix an AC damage to prevent it from worsening promptly. For your warranty to remain valid, insist on certified technicians. What to do? Call Christianson Air Conditioning and Plumbing Company to consult experienced HVAC company in AustinTX today.


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