Top 7 Benefits of Renters Insurance Los Angeles

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Top 7 Benefits of Renters Insurance Los Angeles

Most Americans are determined to own a home. However, renting has several benefits including not paying for home maintenance. Currently, homeownership in the U.S. is low. While close to 95% of homeowners have home insurance, only 40% of American renters have renters’ policies. Renters insurance Los Angeles protects you and your property against accidents and disasters.

Usually, your landlord’s insurance protects house structure only. It only covers your house and not your property. On the other hand, renters insurance protects your property from different accidents including fire, lightning, theft, water damage, and windstorms.

Besides covering your house and belongings, renters insurance Los Angeles has the following benefits.

 Dog Bites

Ordinary renters’ coverage protects you in case your dog bites people within or outside your property. However, it’s crucial to check whether your policy covers dog bites. At times, insurance providers limit or exclude the coverage.

 Borrowed or Rented Items

Most renters’ insurance policies cover items that you currently possess. And that includes borrowed or rented property.

 Property outside your Home

Renters insurance covers things away from your house against various perils. It covers you if a robber steals items from your car or changes your luggage. Usually, off-premise protection is usually limited to a certain percentage of your insurance for personal items.

 Hotel Expenses

If a disaster such as fire damages your home, you need to repair promptly. In the meantime, you might have to rent an apartment. Renters insurance pays for extra living expenses if a disaster severely damages your house.

 Medical Expenses for Guests

If a guest visits you and get injured in your house, renter’s insurance pays medical expenses up to the maximum limit stipulated in the policy. A standard policy offers significant medical coverage.

 Liable Damages 

Renter’s insurance covers bodily injuries and property damage that your family cause to other people. It replaces items that your children break such as antique vases.

 Legal Costs

If you accidentally injure someone in your home and they sue you, the renters’ policy has a liability coverage that pays court awards and legal costs up to its limit. Consider its limit when purchasing renters’ insurance.

Finding renters insurance Los Angeles isn’t peaches and cream. First, decide on the amount of coverage you require to replace your property. It’s advisable to select a liability with a high limit that can cover your belongings and savings. Compare several quotes from different insurers to get a discount and comprehensive coverage.

Choose an experienced provider with proven track record. Sometimes, price isn’t always a determining factor. Find balance between price and value. Most importantly, consult with insurance experts. Call or visit Cameo Insurance Services to speak with one.


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