Top 5 Cities in the UK to Have an Office Based Business

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Top 5 Cities in the UK to Have an Office Based Business

The United Kingdom has big cities that are ideal for businesses. The offices to let range from city centres to the outskirts; the location of the office should enable one’s business to survive. The business should be able to cater for the office rent and paying staff. This process of locating a suitable place to conduct a business is challenging but with diligence and patience one gets a good office that is affordable and runs a business successfully. There are many offices to rent in Manchester and other rich in business UK cities.

To start a business in any city, one has to do an extensive research especially in the labour market. This includes the cost of living, business climate, the rate of self-employment and standard utility bills. If it is favourable and it has a potential to grow economically, a new business can be set up. The best cities to start a business according to the weekly pay per person, population, survival rate in five years and utility bills include Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff and Sheffield.


This is a potential city that one can start a business. Here the business will survive because of its big population of about 484,600, a weekly gross pay of around £500, 6.9% self-employment rate, 38.8% survival rate in five years, utility bill of around £150 per one bed flat and a total of around £230m earned every week by professional workers.


Offices to rent in Manchester are located in strategic places where business can run effectively. In addition to the offices this city has characteristics that help a business to survive. It has approximately 541,300 people, an average utility bill of £148 per one flat bed, a 38.9% survival rate in the next five years, standard weekly gross pay of around £570, self-employment rate of 7.5% and each working professional earn €288.6m in a week.


Leeds is a very busy and cultural town that one will be able to put up a new business. It has a high population of 781,700 a part of this population will be able to access the new businesses. Professionals in this city can earn up to £380m, the average utility bill is £120 in a one bed flat, self-employment rate of 8.4%, five-year start-up survival rate of 44.2% and a weekly gross pay of around £510. This figure of this city makes it best for a business.


Cardiff is an industrious city to start a business in. One is assured of its prosperity because of the city survival rate of 41.4% in the coming 5 years, a self-employment rate of 7.2%, approximately £95 per month utility bill, a population of 361,500 and professional workers are able to earn a total of around £180m in a week. The business based in this city will survive especially because of these figures provided.


In Sheffield, professional workers earns approximately £280m a month, this shows how rich this city is. Sheffield will be good for a business because of the following a population of 575,400, an average gross pay of £530 weekly, a survival rate of 42.3%, self-employment rate of 7.9% and utility bills of around £135 per month. Business will do well because of the rates, earnings per person and population, which are high.

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