The difference in approach towards vaping – What does the UK and the US have to say?

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The difference in approach towards vaping – What does the UK and the US have to say?

Regardless of whether you’re someone who uses electronic cigarettes, you can’t deny the fact that vaping has taken the entire world by storm. An increasingly large number people, much more than ever before, all over the world have taken to vaping. There are some who are even choosing it as their new pastime while there are some others who are choosing vaping in an attempt to quit smoking. Nevertheless, since the process of vaping is similar all through the world, not all country will approach vaping in a similar way.

In fact, if you take into account the global level, views on vaping will differ from one nation to another. However, the approach that has been adopted in the UK has sought the approval of the public health experts. There is a direct link with the reduction of smoking rates with the increase in vaping rates. Too many cigarette companies are all buying the electronic cigarette companies and are thinking that this is the end to promoting tobacco cigarettes. The main question is whether or not vaping in the US will be allowed or applicable?

Vaping can successfully lead to a decline in smoking

With more than 12 million vapers between both the UK and the US, research lead to the fact that vaping can cause a decrease in smoking in both the nations but this one has become one of the hottest topics. So, do you want to get an idea of how different the approaches are to vaping among the 2 nations? Here are few of the stark differences.

  • According to this article, the US Food and Drug Administration or the FDA cracked down new rules on electronic cigarettes while a British medical group also endorsed e-cigs and claimed that they help in quitting smoking.
  • Vaping e-cigs in the UK is deemed to be a totally separate act as against smoking tobacco cigarettes but this is not the same case in the US.
  • You will come across vaping cafes all over the nation in the UK and there vaping isn’t also banned under the Go Smoke Free legislation.
  • UK was the first country to screen a short film which speaks about the truth behind the pitfalls of electronic cigarettes and the health impact of vaping.

Therefore, now that you know the differences between the attitudes of both the countries towards electronic cigarettes, take into account the above listed points.

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