Sex Dolls – Is it cheating?

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Sex Dolls – Is it cheating?

This is a very complicated situation and as it usually is with real live women – especially if the case involves other living breathing women as well. The best way to lay the groundwork is always to keep the channel open and give room to conversation, dialogue and discussion. The rules of this game are often beguiled and twisted to suit the needs to anyone who deems to create a position which is suitably dominant.

The second premise that often factors in the discussion is the timing of the decision of buying the doll itself. Was it before the relationship or after? This often tends to complicate the matters especially if it falls in the latter category bringing forward many uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in your real life companion.

Nevertheless, is it cheating – NO!

Ask your female friends a simple question. Would they consider themselves cheating on their partners if they use a sex toy, dildo or a vibrator? After a few moments of furious blushing – they would nevertheless come to their senses and answer the same.

Is the material not the same? Both are made of silicone after all. And yet it is no different from simulated masturbation which is pretty much the same in both sexes when involved sex tech.

Love dolls are made to look like able bodied and buxom women – quite attractive one go far as to say – and are created to emulate the fervor and the passion that is involved in love making and enhance the experience and ejaculation. Sadly no matter how far we have come from the ugly inflatable dolls through technology and enhancement – these joy dolls are met with the extreme emotions of love and hate – and most often than not mortified mixed feelings

Why overlook the fact that at the end of the day these gorgeous creatures are nothing but inanimate objects that go without feelings and emotions. They cannot even reciprocate that affection to begin with. There is only a simple purpose to these dolls and that is – sexual gratification. Nothing more and nothing less!

Even if the male member of society tends to develop an attachment to say his real sex doll, it is not quite different from the attachment that anyone may have to their favorite dress, underwear or boots even. You love it and they make you feel kind of sexy. Simple!



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