Mobile recharge – easiest way to stay connected

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Mobile recharge – easiest way to stay connected

Whether you belong to the new age Gen X or come from an older school of thinking, staying connected and being online are probably some of your favourite pastime these days. So much has been written and spoken on changing social trends today – how we have all become aloof and distant from human emotions giving more importance to our smart phone and mobile devices and lesser to human relationships. While the debate continues at all levels, from living room discussions to international forums, the fact is that today most of us are heavily dependent upon this small little device spending a considerable time using it. People use the device for different purposes – some still use it conventionally to make calls and stay in touch, while most use it for messaging, chatting, making video calls, shopping, updating statuses on social media, uploading pictures, checking mails, booking air and rail tickets, paying essential bills of the month, carrying out mobile recharge, playing games, for seeking directions during driving, for astrological predictions, for booking cabs etc.

Technology has helped improve the quality of life

One reason why all this dependency on mobile devices has increased stupendously in the last few years is no doubt the benefits that this modern technology has been able to offer to the common man. Let’s face it – our smart phones have made lots of tasks easy and convenient for us. So many routine processes have become simpler and less tedious. Internet and associated technology helps us save time everytime we make use of it. Sometimes it also helps us save money – for example, when you use a reseller App or site for getting your mobile recharge done online, you get attractive and irresistible deals in the form of cash backs and discounts that encourage customers to keep using these platforms for conducting different types of online activities. The most popular reseller Apps being used in the country today are – the Paytm App, the MobiKwik App and the PhonePe App.

The other noticeable thing about online mobile recharge or any other form of financial transaction and payments is that is a much safer medium of making payments than dealing in cash. For online payments, the most commonly used methods are the credit card, the debit card, the Netbanking and nowadays the electronic wallets. With most resellers and online merchants heavily investing in making their websites and Apps strong and secure fortresses, paying lump-sum of money online is less risky than carrying cash around for making manual payments. In actuality dealing in cash is almost passé now – when modern technology provides for safer and better methods of payment why use the conventional method anymore? While many people in our country still do not have credit cards and some even have no banking accounts to their names – especially in rural parts of the country – the digital wallet has proved to be a blessing in disguise for this section of people. Since this payment mechanism can be used both online and offline, it naturally has started getting preference over other digital methods of payment.

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