How To Raise Money For Public Event

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How To Raise Money For Public Event

If any nonprofit organization is planning a special event fundraiser, such as events like dinner, auction, tournament, festival, or something completely different like a garden/home tour, it is likely for them to probably have already figured out that ticket sales would not be able to cover their costs to the fullest, much less turn the event into a true fundraiser. Corporate sponsorships may help in some occasions, but they usually require a lot of advance planning. This is where crowdfunding as an idea starts to kick in.

Here are some ways to add something extra to any event’s fundraising possibilities, and this would also make sure that no guest goes home feeling like he or she could have given a little more to the cause if only the right opportunity had presented itself. Fundraisers in India are always a good opportunity for rich people of the society to contribute something to better the place around them, so more often than not, people are interested in such an endeavor.

  1. Add a Raffle. There is no need to do more than necessary by lining up prizes – one big-ticket item will do it, preferably one which would be in keeping with the theme of the main event. However, the organization must be sure to comply with the state’s law on raffles. Such prizes are almost always sure to draw the attention of more donors, which would, in the long run, increase the success of the crowdfunding as an exercise. These prizes are also easy to get hold of.

    2. Set Up Sales Booths. As far a home or garden tour, for example, the fundraisers in India might consider selling luncheon items or drinks, or offer outside vendors the opportunity to sell home- or garden-themed items, and in return, they would give the organization a set fee or a percentage of profits. Or, if the concerned group has produced T-shirts, calendar, or other items else that they are been trying to sell, or perhaps has a closet full of leftover thank-you gifts from last year’s mail appeal, sales booths provide the perfect opportunity to earn a little extra.

    3. Offer a Signature Drink. When the hosts are trying to loosen up their guests – for example, to get the attendees of the auction into a bidding mood, the first drink should be on the host. After that, the smart thing to do would be, offering a special mixed drink – with a name that has been cleverly designed to tie to the company’s nonprofit’s name or work, and is fun, and then the owner can go ahead and charge extra for it.

  1. Hold a Dessert Auction. The chief idea at work here is that volunteers go on to bake cakes and fancy desserts and the main attendees bid on them during a brief auction, held at the event itself, that follows dinner. Each dessert can easily bring in considerable amounts of money, depending on the crowd. Also, if the desserts are unique, then it would only make sense to charge more for them in such a situation of crowdfunding.

    6. Make an estimate of your collection beforehand. This would come in extremely handy, especially if fundraisers in India are taken into account. This is because every event calls for a minimum amount is an expenditure. An estimate of the collection would make sure that the company in question knows how much profit they would exactly make from the event, and whether the investment of the time and effort would even be worth it or not

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