How Best To Juxtapose Images

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How Best To Juxtapose Images

The term juxtaposition means positioning side by side or close to one another two contrasting things. This placement within a photograph of two completely different things encourages the observer to examine their relationship and consider their similarities and differences.

You really can have fun with this: for example, young and old, hard and soft, dirty and clean, big and small, and so on.

Using scale is one way of juxtaposing elements in your images. Or even superimpose shadows and planes with telephoto work to flatten the perspective effect.

Be intentionally planned and creative! In spontaneous observation, the produces an unexpected and sometimes unconventional way of capturing the observer’s attention.

·Natural Juxtaposition by Overprinting

The first type of natural juxtaposition we will talk about is the one in which two images are joined in the same frame. This can definitely be done in black and white which always makes it distinct and entertaining to the eyes that see it.

·Natural Juxtaposition by Contrast

We can define the natural juxtaposition by contrast as that which combines opposite elements in the same photograph

·Natural Juxtaposition by Superposition

The natural juxtaposition by superposition combines the real scene of photography with elements that complete it.

·Natural Juxtaposition by Combination

Finally, we will talk about the natural juxtaposition that arises from the union of two different images. These are two photographs of elements that have nothing to do with each other, which is taken out of context to create a final composition in which they appear combined.

No extensive knowledge is needed in digital retouching programs such as Photoshop to create true art. As its name suggests, the natural juxtaposition allows us to play naturally with images. To really get intriguing results, it only requires a little creativity and a high dose of desire to enjoy experimenting.


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