Calcium carbonate and its wide range of applications

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Calcium carbonate and its wide range of applications

Calcium carbonate is a substance that is used widely in a vast range of applications. Calcium carbonate can be found in the natural form as rocks. The sea shells are made up of calcium carbonate. The chemical constituents of the sea shells and the rocks that are present under the sea are the same – as they both are made up of calcium carbonate. The shells & skeletons get on accumulated & compressed in order to form rocks. Thus the calcium carbonate rocks are formed. These calcium carbonate rocks can be used for making quick lime. It is an ingredient that is used in cement manufacturing. Calcium carbonate has a wide range of applications and quicklime too has its own applications. Therefore calcium carbonate is a substance that is used widely by people all over the world for satisfying various kinds of needs.

Few applications of calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate can be brought from calcium carbonate manufacturer in India. Make sure that you acquire calcium carbonate which is high in quality. This helps you in ensuring fine applications of the same. Calcium carbonate is used in vast range of applications. Few of the applications are: in creating chalks which are used for writing purposes – on a slate or on a black board. Calcium carbonate is also used for agricultural purposes. There are many more applications of calcium carbonate – including its applications in the food industry. It is used as a preservative and also as a natural coloring agent. It is naturally found in white color & thereby is used as a coloring agent (in even food materials). Calcium carbonate is also used for various construction purposes – even as building materials (unlike quicklime).


Quicklime is reduced by heating calcium carbonate. When calcium carbonate is heated; carbon dioxide escapes from it and leaves back calcium oxide – which is called as quicklime. Quicklime too is used for several purposes. The main use of quicklime is as a key ingredient in the manufacturing of cement. Quicklime can be also made by pouring hydrochloric acid on sea shells. This action triggers the escape of carbon dioxide from the calcium carbonate – producing calcium oxide or quicklime.

Why quicklime is not used as a building material unlike calcium carbonate

Quicklime reacts with water – which is called as slaking – and crashes. Therefore it is not used for construction purposes. Note: Calcium oxide (which is quicklime) reacts with water (which is H2O) and becomes calcium hydroxide. This is the reason for slaking.

Calcium carbonate and quicklime

Calcium carbonate assists the creation of many products. Quicklime is also used in creating various products. These two chemicals are used by many of the industries for manufacturing fine products that help us in satisfying our needs (including the day-to-day needs).

As quick lime is produced from calcium carbonate; we have to stress more on the importance of calcium carbonate than on the quicklime. Hence we can tell that calcium carbonate is a part of our day to day life & it helps us in living a superior-quality life.

Importance of calcium carbonate and quicklime

Calcium carbonate is used for constructing buildings. The one key ingredient of cement is quick lime – which is in turn produced from calcium carbonate. Cement is a fine adhesive that helps bricks to stick with each other. Building construction becomes difficult without them. Therefore quicklime plays a major role in helping us have a safe & secure home / office. Now almost all buildings use cement as an adhesive material while creating buildings. Thereby we can conclude that the role which quicklime or calcium carbonate plays in our life is not at all negligible!

Industrial chemicals manufacturers in India provides you with various kinds of chemicals that are used in industrial applications. One among the most important chemicals produced by them is the calcium carbonate. Make sure that you approach the right industrial chemical manufacturer for gathering fine calcium carbonate (that can be used for producing a vast range of products).

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