Beach Restoration is for Bringing Back the Beach to Life

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Beach Restoration is for Bringing Back the Beach to Life

The process of restoration of beaches so that they can support recreation and provide protection to the properties upland by placement of sand is called breach restoration. Sand is brought from inland sites and/or nearby beaches, or they are hydraulically pumped by bringing the sand from an offshore site.

Beach restoration is a complex process, so people should think before constructing anything near the beaches. When dunes leveled, vegetations are removed, or seawalls constructed, the beach owner has to go through several expensive processes to restore the beach. Also, when you rebuild a natural beach, the effect doesn’t last for much longer, and the process is costly. When the restoration process fails, the blame is often given on the materials used, but the fact is that the replaced gains are mainly of less durability, the grain size is different, and the behavior of hydrodynamic setting of the beach. There is also another cause of the restoration process going wrong, and it is that the sands are too small to remain on the beach and gets washed away. Coral and hardbottom habitat can be scattered in the beach so that the sands do not get washed away.

What is the solution for beach restoration?

For a least inexpensive solution for long-term Palm beach restoration can be done by defining and enforcing setbacks to constructions to make sure that development does not exacerbate the natural cycles of erosion as well as accretion. These setbacks will also help to make sure that the beaches that are natural are going to replenish over time after an episode of serious erosion.

You should protect the coastal vegetations, as they protect the upland from storms. The best example is the Tsunami, at that time the mangroves and vegetations and forests nearby the beach areas have reduced the damage by a large amount.

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