Basics of Save the Date Postcards for Your Wedding

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Basics of Save the Date Postcards for Your Wedding

You have already celebrated your engagement and you have already started the wedding plans – now it’s time to reach out to potential wedding guests by sending them a save the date postcard. This wedding invitation announces the official date of your wedding and lets your guests know they’re welcomed to attend the memorable event. In this article, we take a look at some common basics of save the date cards.

Is it important to send save the date postcards?

If you are planning a destination wedding or a 3-day wedding affair, sending a save the date is very important. Let’s say you are to wed during the peak travel period such as a holiday weekend, sending a save the date to your guests is an expected courtesy. You obviously don’t have to send any if you don’t want to, but the cards will give your guests a heads up to make travel arrangements in due time.

What is the most appropriate time to send them?

The best time to start sending the news of your upcoming event is about 6 months before the wedding date, and preferably 8 months for a destination that is far away or a weekend holiday. This will give your invitees adequate time to make their travel plans, save some money and ask for some time off from work. Sending any earlier than 6 or 8 months, the invite many slip their minds easily.

Who should be the recipient of a save the date?

You should send your cards to anybody you want to attend your wedding. Even if you have already told some guests verbally about the ceremony and they have confirmed their attendance, you still need to send them a save the date postcard. Send your cards to whomever you definitely want at your momentous occasion.

What information should you include?

Since you are still planning your wedding, you might not have yet figured out all the details of the wedding and that is perfectly alright. Save the date cards should definitely show the names of your future spouse and you, the wedding date, and the location (even if you haven’t booked the venue yet) and the notice of an official invitation. If you have a wedding website, you should include the link on the save the date card, so that invitees can find more detailed information about your wedding schedule.

What if we change the date or location after sending save the dates?

Though such a situation is not highly likely, things do happen. In the event that plans change after you have already sent save the date postcards to your invitees, your best option is to make changes to your wedding website, and start calling your guests via a phone call. You can also choose to send out another mailing explaining the untimely changes, but a personal, verbal update will help you to avoid confusion, and you won’t have to spend more money on making and posting new cards.

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