5 Purchases That Can Save Your Family a Lot of Money in the Long Term

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5 Purchases That Can Save Your Family a Lot of Money in the Long Term

You do not need to be a frugal person to realise how important it is to make smart purchases to protect your finances. During these economically volatile times, you need to make sure that your cash outflow provides you solid returns.

There are products on the market that actually do just that.

They may seem quite pricey at first but in the long run, you will be surprised by how much money you actually save because of these items. Here are five examples of purchases you can make for your home that yield big savings in the long term:

1. A play set for the kids

Some families think it is a huge waste of money to buy kids’ outdoor play equipment because children grow up so fast. But if you think about it, children’s play sets offer countless possibilities for fun. Plus, they can save you time and money by making your home the hub of entertainment for kids.

Oftentimes, parents have to drive to the local park just so their children can play in the sun. You don’t have to if your kids have a playground at home. You can avoid the cost of travel and the lure of food vendors that frequent parks, or the occasional unnecessary stops at business establishments you pass by on your way to and from the park.

Also, high-quality pieces of play equipment are timeless. Your children may grow up but you are likely to still find them and their friends hanging out in your yard swinging, sliding and climbing on their play set. Seriously, do people outgrow a good swing?

Lastly, having a play set at home is better than game venues. Arcades and public playgrounds can be hotspots for shady characters. You can keep your little ones happy and safe right in your property with a play set.

2. A sewing machine

If you do not know how to work one – learn. You can save not just money but good clothes if you have a sewing machine. Most people are quick to throw clothing away once they see rips and holes that can actually be fixed by a sewing machine. Others, meanwhile, rely on tailors who charge as much as $30 for a simple repair.

Learn how to do repairs with the machine and stretch the useful lifespan of clothes and other fabric possessions and save money.

It’s worth noting, too, that a sewing machine can help you take the affordable DIY route for certain home items such as bed covers, pillowcases, curtains, and others, which all cost a lot at retail stores.

3. White vinegar and baking soda

This is a combo that you should always spend money on because these two are green solutions that can serve you in a multitude of ways. They can tackle stains, moulds, blocked drains and toilets, weeds, plant fungi, and many others.

Not only that, baking soda and vinegar make for amazing beauty products, too. Baking soda can replace a whitening toothpaste, face masks for acne and wrinkles, and shampoo. Vinegar, on the other hand, is a disinfectant that can treat various skin woes such as breakouts and insect bites.

Store white vinegar and baking soda at home and you will not need a lot of pricey products from the grocer.

4. A Dutch oven

Eating at home is one of the top money-saving tactics the financially savvy recommend so it only makes sense to invest in cookware.

A Dutch oven is versatile and lasts a lifetime. You can cook all types of food in it and even bake your own bread in it. Also, you can cook large quantities of food in a Dutch oven, which means you cook once for the family but have a dish to last for days.

For example, you can cook a large batch of chilli in a Dutch oven. The amount will stretch around three days. You can eat the chilli with cornbread, add rice to it and create a burrito, use it as a hotdog topper, make enchiladas with it, et cetera. You get meals that taste better over time and cost less than takeout.

5. Health supplements

Boosting your health is something that you should absolutely invest in. Becoming ill can quickly wipe out your family’s savings even if you all have medical insurance. So, invest in vitamins and immunity products that can boost your body’s natural defences against stress and common illnesses.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Remember, smart purchases save money. So, study every purchase you want to make and determine the long-term value and benefits they offer.


Michael Davies is the Senior Account Manager at Sandleford, a trusted supplier of letterboxes and home security products and solutions in Australia. The company’s Swing Slide Climb range has grown and grown over the past 4 years, and together with Bunnings Australia, it has become one of the most exciting and innovative suppliers and developers of children’s play equipment in the Australian market.


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