5 Famous Angkringan in Yogyakarta — Places to Reminisce When Going Back to Yogyakarta

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5 Famous Angkringan in Yogyakarta — Places to Reminisce When Going Back to Yogyakarta

Those who have once stayed in Yogyakarta will definitely be familiar with angkringan, a simple cart with plastic tarp roof functioning as a meals tenant, with menus like nasi kucing, eggs satay, chicken intestine satay, and various kinds of warm brewed beverages. Nasi kucing is rice accompanied by a tempe or anchovies wrapped in paper and banana leaves.

Angkringan is a place where you will only spend a few tens of thousands in your pocket. It is a fun place for discussions with friends until late at night. No wonder that angkringan is still going vigorous during the rainy days. It is considered the sign of Yogyakarta’s peaceful life. Here is some famous Angkringan in Yogyakarta that will bring back your memory about the city.


Angkringan Lek Man is very famous in Jogja. Using Jos Coffee as the top menu, the coffee is served warm and added with bits of flaming charcoals (‘jos’ is the noise produced when the burning coal has been plunged into the coffee). The current owner, Lek Man, is the son of Mbah Pairo. The related story is the thing that makes Angkringan Lek Man never lacks customers, possibly those coming to consume or merely hanging out until night. People from Jogja are known to visit Angkringan Lek Man as it’s located near Tugu Train Station.


Angkringan Pak Jabrik, or known mainly as Angkringan KR (because the location is in front of the headquarter of Kedaulatan Rakyat/KR Daily), is among the most well-known angkringan full of clients. Set upon Kedaulatan Rakyat Daily’s porch, the angkringan never lacks customers, especially during weekends. The menu is, somehow, more diverse than angkringan. It gives unique variants, namely oseng tempe, chicken liver, mushroom, tomato sambal, and many more.

The angkringan is set in a large area, allowing customers to select whether they’d eat the meals seated on the chairs, or at the park seats, or lesehan (sitting right on a mat, with no chairs) along the porch of the office. It has also been renowned particularly since the place where various communities hang outside, both arts communities college/university students, or many motor clubs.


The neighborhood around Wijilan is referred to as the center of gudeg the angkringan is called Angkringan Wijilan, although it actually has the title of Angkringan Kang Harjo. So many are the number of customers coming and going that the angkringan is drop-dead crowded, so an upper floor has to be added to accommodate customers.


Situated on Sudirman St, West of Gondolayu Bridge, on a strategic spot, the angkringan is where teens, young fellows, and even older ones could head to. Angkringan Pak Jack additionally offers Jos Coffee-hot java additional with flaming charcoals. The large venue permits for clients, especially. Moreover, it is situated near Gondolayu Bridge, a hangout spot for youngsters.


The angkringan is famous for the rice dish, which can always be kept hot. (‘Bonbin’ is really the short version of ‘Kebon Binatang’ or ‘Zoo’ since it’s located near Gembiraloka Zoo.) Once served, clients will hurry for them.

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